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Why do I procrastinate? I'll tell you tomorrow

Me, I don’t procrastinate, not anymore. Why am I bringing this up? Because our monthly Blogapalooza topic is “Write about what, why and how you procrastinate.” Well, okay. Except, not to brag,  I don’t. Not anymore. Well, okay, mostly I don’t.  Here’s why: I got older. Who’s got time to waste? I may only be here... Read more »

Time Travel Back to Your Childhood: It's still there

Yesterday, columnist Mary Schmich told a tale of inviting an older man in from the sidewalk to see the Chicago flat he grew up in, her flat, a beautiful read, as always with Mary. It ignited my memory of a visit I made a couple of years ago, when I was like the man on... Read more »

Looking at grieving through a new lens: The Book

I’ve been looking at the world through one lens for a while now, and it’s got my eyes open. I catch a bit of Mrs. Doubtfire on TV and it seems so sad to me. Funny too, but at its heart, so sad. I spend Tuesday nights with This Is Us waiting to learn how Jack died, and... Read more »