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Money and Me: How my first purchase shaped our relationship

I entered my earning years as a ten year-old babysitter, racking up the hours at 25 cents per. Lucky for me, there were some newly built three story apartment buildings erected behind my older red brick one, just brimming with little kids. Did I know enough to take care of infants? Toddlers? Dogs? No, but... Read more »

Cindy on Jeopardy!: A heartbreaking last-ditch victory

Last Thursday, I was strapped to my To Do list all day. By 3:30 I’d had it and needed some company, so I turned on Jeopardy! which makes me feel smart and then dumb in a rapidly-cycling question-by-question rotation. I love checking out the contestants and can empathize with their cocktail of excitement and fear,... Read more »

Hit Bottom and Bounce Back: Healing our divided country

I once had a therapist friend who viewed everything through her therapist lens. She’d come from Pittsburgh, then a steel town on the decline. She diagnosed Pittsburgh as depressed, not only in an economic sense, but in mood and attitude too. She moved to Joliet where I met her, and after about three months, made... Read more »