My Favorite Post of All Time: Up the mountain to the past

Usually, as soon as I’ve finished writing one of these posts, it shifts automatically into my mental archive, so that when someone says, “Hey, I liked that last post,” I have to inquire what it was about. Once I send one out into the world, my brain gets busy searching for the next one.

Yet when our monthly BlogapaloozHour challenge arrived the other day, to share the favorite thing we’ve ever written, I knew instantly which one to choose.  In its small way, it was epic, personal yet universal. Kind of like a Hero’s Journey, but legitimate to explore since I am not the hero.

The themes stand up:

Family –my cousins led us up a mountain to see the family homestead from almost 100 years before

Resilience – the hardscrabble life they lived there seems to leave little room for dreams about the future

Progress – yet the children who survived went on to productive, comfortable lives, and raised their kids (I am one of them) with high aspirations

Gratitude – from my generation and the next for the example our parents and theirs set by their determination, and by just doing what needed to be done, whether it was easy or pleasant

Insight – about just how far our parents had traveled in their lives, from subsistence living to parenting nuclear engineers, college professors, corporate trainers, park service officials, and more. There is also a fair smattering of writers among us.

Curiosity – from my generation to trace out paths back to our sources

Heroism – of our grandmother who endured the winter trip to the homestead while pregnant (with my mother), trailing six children along; of our motivated but unusual grandfather who thought such a trip was a good idea; in a very small way my generation and the next hiking up to see for ourselves.

So, enjoy a rerun of my favorite account of all time.


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