How to Understand Cubs' Love: The World Series Wall at Wrigley

Cubs’ Love goes beyond baseball. It’s not about goats and lovable losers and long droughts. It’s about connection. You can see it for yourself on the brick walls at Wrigley Field where people have been recording in chalk exactly what it means. It hints at why people all over the world are reveling in the Cubs success this year. We now have evidence of a city-wide/world-wide delight that lovable losers can become lovable winners.

The messages include:

Tributes to grandparents and parents who didn’t live to see the day

Declarations of hope even when the team was down 3-1 in the series

Thank yous to the team and organization for the transformation

Wishes to just win one more so that the season can continue

So, joy, remembrance, and gratitude, a pretty good result.  If I was in charge, I would keep photos of the wall and install them as murals somewhere so we could remember these days of hope and wonder.

Even if you can’t get to Wrigley yourself, see it here in a local news report by reporter Ariel Cheung. And tonight, Game 7…who knows?


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