Cubs' Love: We needed this

This Cubs’ love is contagious. Evidence abounds.

From my friend Greg:
A Portuguese ship was spotted flying the W flag.
His son, new at a job in a new city, was applauded when he entered the break room the day after the Game 6 win, and sent home by his boss (a Cleveland fan) to relax and get ready for Game 7.


From anonymous sources:

One man flew home to Chicago and listened to Game 7 at his father’s grave.

From Facebook:
Spouses and friends videoed each other’s reactions to the win: disbelief, tears, joy.

From Wrigley:
Chalk messages continue to collect on the brick walls outside.

From the ice:
Blackhawks invite the Cubs and Championship trophy to the ice.

And finally, if you can take it again now that you know the outcome, here is Game 7 and all the chills in 5 minutes from Jon Denner, possibly the best video ever made.



Thanks, Cubs. How would we have made it through this year without you?


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