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Is Hamilton Really That Good? A skeptic's review

I had questions about Hamilton: Is it worth all the hype? A hip-hop musical about a founding father? Is it just hysteria setting me up for disappointment? I went to see it with fear in my heart. Would I respond to it as just another over-hyped attempt at art; would I rebel, like I did over the... Read more »

The best meal of my life: Fried chicken with memories

The best meal of my life was on a beautiful fall day, crisp and bright blue, the day of the memorial service following my mom’s death from Alzheimer’s Disease. She had died a few weeks earlier, under hospice care, with two of us present. The relief we felt was real, as the years’ long decline that took... Read more »

Castro's death in Cuba: what you see and what you hear still don't match

We arrived in Havana on the 50th anniversary of The Revolution, in 2009. Months before, as soon as we heard about it, we’d signed up for a humanitarian trip for a group of writers that allowed us to visit as long as we brought school supplies and medical supplies along to drop off during visits... Read more »

Life without Leonard Cohen: At least you left your music behind

Leonard Cohen died on Monday but his death wasn’t announced until today. An hour later, his website had 43,000 comments of appreciation and farewell. By another hour, 106,000; by now many more. This is what I’d tell him if I could: I lost track of you for a while, Leonard, somewhere between Suzanne and In... Read more »

Cubs' Love: We needed this

This Cubs’ love is contagious. Evidence abounds. From my friend Greg: A Portuguese ship was spotted flying the W flag. His son, new at a job in a new city, was applauded when he entered the break room the day after the Game 6 win, and sent home by his boss (a Cleveland fan) to... Read more »

How to Understand Cubs' Love: The World Series Wall at Wrigley

Cubs’ Love goes beyond baseball. It’s not about goats and lovable losers and long droughts. It’s about connection. You can see it for yourself on the brick walls at Wrigley Field where people have been recording in chalk exactly what it means. It hints at why people all over the world are reveling in the Cubs... Read more »

My Favorite Post of All Time: Up the mountain to the past

Usually, as soon as I’ve finished writing one of these posts, it shifts automatically into my mental archive, so that when someone says, “Hey, I liked that last post,” I have to inquire what it was about. Once I send one out into the world, my brain gets busy searching for the next one. Yet... Read more »