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The religious conversion that didn't happen: My mother vs the men at the door

When a couple of roving evangelicals showed up at the back door of our apartment, that door being their best chance since the front door required a buzz-in and there was no intercom for them to use, my mother invited them in. They sat in the two soft chairs. My mother sat in our one nod... Read more »

Branding for writers and readers: What you expect and what I deliver

Writer friends, I have an apparently crucial question for you: What exactly  is your brand? Not a brand like big boys Nabisco or Toyota, but a brand that tells your readers who you are and what to expect of you. Hold it a minute, non-writers: I hope you will stick around and apply this idea... Read more »

Fifteen years after 9/11: From unity to fracture

9-11-01 It wasn’t often that my husband peppered me with phone calls at the office. He knew that I was usually in session with counseling clients, so my phone was mostly off. When I saw mid- morning that he’d called several times, it made me edgy. I called right away and he said, “Have you... Read more »