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Courage with a smile: A chance encounter in the elevator

I met her on Thursday on the way up to the 8th floor of the Sheraton. I was wearing my name badge for the writing workshop I am attending with around a hundred other aspiring writers. She was middle-aged, in a hurry it seemed, very energetic, with an unusually bright smile. She studied my badge:... Read more »

A chance encounter with college in the age of Pokemon Go and Ferris Beuller

While I am at the University of Iowa at a writing workshop, I am also doing undercover research in this world of no-curfews and endless possibility, as every college campus is. First, I examined the Pokemon Go phenomenon. In summer when students are few, it’s a surprise to see gluts of them, usually in groups... Read more »

If only Dallas could be our tipping point - only if we do something new

Number of: Days I avoided news coverage of the police shootings in Dallas, 4 States where police-citizen or citizen-police shootings have occurred in the last week, 3 Times I have heard pleas that we need to “begin a conversation” between opposing sides, 11 Culturally devastating events that have occurred in Dallas in my lifetime, 2... Read more »