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What do Great Britain and the GOP have in common? A gigantic hulking need for a Do Over

Brits started frantically Googling “What is the EU?” just hours after voting to leave it. Extremely bad timing, folks. Now, too late, they are circulating petitions to ask for a second chance to vote, now that they understand the consequences, as if they can say, “No wait, we hadn’t studied yet. That was a pop... Read more »

You can go home again: My tour of Beverly and my past

Here’s how I got back to Beverly where I grew up: my cousin Cheryl came to town from Florida to visit her son who has settled here. She and I, who have managed a Christmas card and more recently an email connection, actually met face to face for the first time in decades in a... Read more »

A week after Orlando: Will anything change?

When mass shootings happen, we always learn something new. There’s a new group of victims – school children, co-workers, LGBT people, church people, marathoners, bystanders, concert-goers; from different places – Sandy Hook, Littleton, Orlando, Boston, Paris, Belgium, Scotland. There’s a new perpetrator – a jihadist, a disgruntled worker, a mentally ill person, a terrorist cell,... Read more »

Why I might not need to boycott Home Depot over Trump endorsement

The founder of Home Depot just endorsed Donald Trump. I must go to Home Depot between one and three times a week – nearby, has everything, has a nice person by the door to decode the logic of where to find things, laser-fast self-checkout. I must hear about Donald Trump 10,000 time a week even... Read more »

Mission accomplished: How Linda Lenz made the Chicago Public Schools better

I’d like to introduce you to Linda Lenz. I met her in college. She was little older and had it thoroughly together – a leader, a scholar, a gentle soul. I wanted to be like her. And look where she went from there: newspaper reporter specializing in education; sometime panelist on Chicago Tonight; then 26... Read more »

On seeing older folks with walkers: Pity turns to inspiration

Here’s what I used to think when I saw an older person moving along with a walker: “Oh, poor thing!” Averting my eyes, I would try to distract myself before I started contemplating the obvious question, “What if that is me someday?” Then my own mother needed a walker after a series of falls, the... Read more »