Ron Magers is leaving me…I mean us

They are dropping like flies, the people I count on: First my doctor, then my minister, and Jon Stewart, then my other doctor (Note to David Letterman: you could have made this list if not for your unfortunate proclivities), retiring and leaving me in the lurch.

Oh, I get it – you’ve made your 30 or 40 year splash and you want to have a little fun now, I do get it. And now you, Ron Magers. I saw you give a luncheon speech to a bunch of workplace counselors a few years ago. You were both funny and heartfelt, so ever since I feel that we are practically friends.

Which is the thing I wonder about: everybody seems to like you…a lot…Or do they? Maybe even you get mean tweets, but there’s no trace of it in your public goodbye. So, Ron, even though I want to say, “Wait, what about me and my news?” I have to say, “Oh, go ahead. You’ve earned it. Go play with your horses (did someone tell me they saw you in a poker tournament on TV, you renaissance man?) and have dinner with the family. It’s a very good thing whenever you don’t have to die to get loose of your burdens.

Hope it’s all that you hope it to be. There’s no need to feel guilty. I’ll be fine. Probably.


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