Grieving through action and remembering: Donna Day 2016

Today is Donna Day, the annual effort to raise funds for pediatric cancer in memory of the young daughter of one of my fellow bloggers here at ChicagoNow Mary Tyler Mom. She is tireless in her pursuit of her goal to save other families from the experience their family endured.

You can learn more about Donna and her brief but vivid life here, from her mother’s post today. You will meet Donna in pictures and words. My experience is that if you read one of her posts, you will read more, as she shares generously the insights she gained from the last thing she wanted to be true, that her daughter would die despite constant efforts to find the treatment that would work.

She writes the truth about grief, that it too is relentless, but that it loosens its grip at times and over time. She copes with it by remembering, and through action, the two most powerful tools I have seen in my counseling work. I listen to everything she says as I know it comes from her lived and well-considered experience. If you know a family who is also mounting this battle, please send them her way.

And if you know a little girl with all the promise of a long life ahead, consider donating to further research so more children can live out that promise.

You can hear my take on the importance of this day from my post last year.




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