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Alzheimer's Disease turned me into a liar and I didn't even have it

Alzheimer’s Disease not only took over my mother and her memory, it tried to take me over too. At first, when my mom would ask silly questions like, at the age of 85, how her parents were doing, I would go with the truth. “Mom,” I would say, “think about it – if you are... Read more »

In line at the post office, I traveled to France: The case for talking to strangers

Post office, Saturday morning, twentieth in line, one window open. Just wanted to pick up a package, had to pick up the package. Time of the essence – movie starts in an hour, 20 minutes away. Checked email on phone, Facebook, even played a game. Another window opened, but only for people sending pre-paid packages.... Read more »

David Bowie and the permission to be different, and more

Since David Bowie died, everywhere on social media, in print, on the news, in conversation, one message predominates: He made it okay to be different.  Citing this song or that album or video, or for the lucky ones, that concert, people remember the time when he did it for them. In fact, he invited us... Read more »

How to prepare for the final conversation with a dying loved one: A chance encounter with grief

“My father is dying,” she said, the lady sitting next to me on the plane. “My sisters and I are time-sharing his care.” This was after we’d chatted about books we are reading, and the mild Chicago winter, and what e-book device would work best for her elderly dad. “There are five of us.” “I’m... Read more »