I moved a mile away to a different world

I’ve been gone for a couple of months, lost in a land of packing boxes, Goodwill donations, and memories. After 24 years in the same house, every item I touched contained recollections of the time we spent there. There were many goodbyes – to cassette tapes, maps and detritus from travel, newspapers with notable-at-the-time headlines. And some hellos – to my philosophy of life at the age of fifteen, documented for a youth group project, my first pierced earrings, and my recipe for Senate Bean Soup that I haven’t made in years because it was lost.

In the interim, we sold our house to a nice young family with two little boys, who will probably put up a basketball hoop in the driveway to replace the one we took down years ago when our kids bounced into their own lives. The closing is tomorrow and I’m eager to meet the family who will inhabit the house with their own family spirit from now on.

I’m also eager to launch my new life in my new space which is full of windows, has an abundance of nature outside, and fewer responsibilities. Already life looks different and new. Almost everything has found its place there, except for the overflowing Room of Chaos which will take some time to go through. I’m haunting my favorite vintage stores to fill in the few blanks.

I’m grateful that we made the move, and that we found a new place to love. It’s different to set up a new household, as you can use logic and planning. In the old one, it was matter of adding what was coming in the door here or there, wherever it would fit; like when I closed my counseling office, the file cabinets filled with fascinating seminars and wisdom went in the basement next to the sump pump. Now they are in their own closet, upstairs, within reach.

I see a manageable life ahead, as we end this time of dislocation. Life may well throw obstacles in our path, in fact it surely will, but we are refreshed and ready for the next phase, glad that we took the plunge. My advice (not that you asked): Be a moving target so you won’t be too easy to find.

We’re having dinner with old friends tonight, to show them the new house, and to say goodbye. They are moving to a townhouse too, only it is in Colorado. They are eager too, to get there and ski their heads off instead of garden and mow with their spare time. Moving targets too, harder to find for our regular dinners together, but still within reach. They will have a new world to explore, as we do. Keep moving, I say.


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