Blogger Donna's legacy: A tan is not worth your life

I am famous in my family for chasing after people with a tube of SPF 80 sunscreen, even well after they grow up. It feels a little obsessive, but I can’t help it. As a blonde, fair-skinned child in the days before sunscreen, I had my share of blistery sunburns. Apparently Coppertone Deep Tanning Oil in the brown squeeze bottle didn’t help much.

Like anyone else with a deep-seated need to warn others of danger, I like to encounter people who share mine. When I joined ChicagoNow and found another blogger who preached the same sermon, I felt affirmed. Donna Moncivaiz’s blog “Your Tan May Be Killing You” made perfect sense to me. Donna knew the danger better than I did, as she had melanoma. ¬†She wrote encouraging, convincing posts, with the mission to help others to wake up to the danger of excess exposure.

We learned this week that Donna died in hospice a few days ago. The rest of us are left to pick up her legacy, and keep her messages expanding.

To hear Donna’s voice for yourself, here is what she had to say a couple of years ago to anyone who would listen. She was right of course. If you know someone who has not received the message yet, please give them a chance to hear her.

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