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Blogger Donna's legacy: A tan is not worth your life

I am famous in my family for chasing after people with a tube of SPF 80 sunscreen, even well after they grow up. It feels a little obsessive, but I can’t help it. As a blonde, fair-skinned child in the days before sunscreen, I had my share of blistery sunburns. Apparently Coppertone Deep Tanning Oil... Read more »

I moved a mile away to a different world

I’ve been gone for a couple of months, lost in a land of packing boxes, Goodwill donations, and memories. After 24 years in the same house, every item I touched contained recollections of the time we spent there. There were many goodbyes – to cassette tapes, maps and detritus from travel, newspapers with notable-at-the-time headlines.... Read more »