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Send your child off to college and start something new

Every fall, I feel a tug back to the moment when my kids abandoned my ship and launched their own to go off to college. Oh, the heartbreak, the relative silence in the house, the too few people for dinner. Did I want them to stay home and continue to be their complex and intriguing... Read more »

Time for a personal news blackout: Outrage overload

I have just been diagnosed with news overload syndrome, by myself, a mental health professional. The symptoms became clear when I had to mute the TV to avoid hearing three straight reports on the morning news. Donald Trump and now Joe Biden want to be my president, Hillary’s idea of national security sounds pretty loose,... Read more »

A genre-bending read: Mr Churchill’s Secretary by Susan MacNeal

At first I thought it was a historical novel set in London, in Churchill’s war rooms. The heroine is Maggie Hope, an American-bred British young woman, adopted by a reluctant single-woman professor relative after the deaths of Maggie’s parents. Forced to be in London on business, Maggie watches as Nazi bombers began pummeling the city... Read more »

My open letter to Facebook: our relationship needs work

Dear Facebook, I am concerned about our relationship. Sometimes I think you really like me. If I don’t log in for a few days, for instance, you send me an email that “a lot has happened” and I should come to see my notifications, invites, updates, etc. On the one hand, that’s nice, but this... Read more »