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Who could lose their temper with the good little girl in Apt. 2? And what kind of anger followed?

I was a pretty mild-mannered child, the shy girl who lived on the second floor on the corner, overlooking the library on 111th Street. I lived there with my mom, who was also pretty mild-mannered now that I think of it. The idea that I would do anything bold enough to draw anger seems far-fetched.... Read more »

Binge-watching for good or evil: TED talks vs House of Cards

Binge-watching is seductive, even irresistible. Like many powerful weapons, it can be a force for good or for evil. Until yesterday, my binge-watching history exposed me to characters who do awful things. Now, I am trading them in for real people who operate on a higher plane. I found them at TED, the online collection... Read more »