My questions for the Duggars

Ah, I understand that the Duggars are back, wrenched away from years of self-congratulatory reproduction to find themselves in a bit of a pickle. I’ve been exceedingly busy lately and unable to follow the fallen-from-grace news closely, so I’ve had nothing to say about my nemeses until now. So help me play catch-up: If I have the story right, one son sexually abused two young daughters. The parents for the first year prayed about it.  A year later, they conferred with church elders and agreed on religiously based counseling that included physical labor in a facility that they can’t remember the name of.  After that, the parents took him to speak with a state police officer later imprisoned for child pornography who said nothing more needed to be done.  After all of that, their concern now is for the abuser-son, not the violated daughters? Where to begin?

Others have surgically investigated the pathology here so I won’t have to. But it takes a village to explore the layers of a story like this. Here are my questions:

How do people live so proudly, so show-offy, day to day knowing that there is a shameful secret lurking in the past? At least given their public declarations of outstanding morals, you’d expect it to be shameful. The more famous they get, the greater the chance that someone who knows about the incident will hatch a plot to monetize it. Ask Dennis Hastert. Ask David Letterman. Most of us would get more anxious day by day until we couldn’t stand it, right? We’d have to cover the mirrors in the house so we wouldn’t have to look ourselves in the eye.

There is a long history of families closing ranks when one of them has done something awful, and of acting as if it never happened, but when the victim too is inside that family, what sort of moral gymnastics are necessary to make it okay to protect the perpetrator and not the victims? It’s a pretty pliable set of values this family has shown. We could name it Duggar denial or Duggar self-delusion or just plain wrong.

Where does pride yield to shame? Wasn’t pride one of the Seven Deadly Sins back in the day, meaning that God-fearing people would try really hard to avoid it? Maybe in the age of the reality show the list been updated and that’s no longer the case? Oooh, maybe this revelation of wrong-doing is some sort of cosmic justice? Now that would be a reality show I’d watch: The Comeupance Chronicles.

Was churning out children, which the Duggars are so good at, and then bragging about it, an attempt to make up for the bad acts they covered up? Or the more distraction, the better?

Where does the family get off trying to portray those who object to their conduct as the problem? Suddenly they care about their daughters’ feelings and worry that they are being harmed?

Can’t the statutes of limitations be waived just this one time? Please?


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