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Friendship that lasts a lifetime: My Motley Crew

I just got back from a 6 day, 5 night immersion experience with The Crew, a steadfast band of friends who have been together for a shocking number of years. No good would come of saying how many, as we all agree that some sort of cosmic math error has occurred since we all still... Read more »

Taking mothering for granted on Mother's Day: Not me

Mother’s Day isn’t easy. It can be fraught, for people who received less wonderful mothering than they deserved from their own mom, or from the people who stood in for her. Also for those who received wonderful mothering, and so ache for the presence of their own recently departed mothers. Also for those who long... Read more »

I'm watching David Letterman again: after our breakup

I used to keep company with David Letterman, but then I left him. Too many tired, lazy jokes about John McCain being old, the creepy way he would kiss the hands of luscious females at the end of their interviews, and then the revelation that Dave was just another practitioner of male celebrity sexual predator... Read more »