Climbing the Smokies - the prequel: Another story that wants to be told

Last spring, I told you the story about my trek up to see my mother’s birthplace. Well, now it is the 100th anniversary of another trip, the one that brought her family to that same spot to start their new life, while she was in utero. My cousin Don, the amazing researcher and Smoky Mountain area savant, has written the prequel to my mother’s story, of the ¬†midwinter wagon trip over icy steep grades, the four older children walking, the two youngest and their pregnant mom in the wagon, the dad running the show. The account is long, but so was the trip.

The story appears on the blog of Don’s equally expert research partner Wendy, who was along for our trip last spring. If you’d like to weigh in, feel free. I have my own questions about the trip: What about Grandpa’s timing, to make this trip in the middle of winter? What about Grandma’s fortitude, to wrangle six kids through this experience while pregnant? (Pretty easy to see who the hero is, and I’m pretty sure it’s not Grandpa!)

You’ll learn a bit about the cost of the trip too – one child, Hattie, the youngest, dead later that spring, maybe associated with the trip, maybe not. We’ll never know.

So join us on this 100 year ago trek at Wendy’s blog,¬†Reflections of Olde Swain (that’s the county they settled in). Bundle up.


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