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Future forecast: Book comes out, author swoons

Expect a party on the day when the book I’m working on comes out. I’ve had the idea for years to write about the secrets I’ve learned about grieving, a little specialty of mine. The reasons I need to write it are: 1. I’ve been at it since I was a little kid – the... Read more »

Oscars 2015: The Year of the Blunder

My Oscars 2015 rundown: Blunder #1: Leaving Joan Rivers out of the In Memoriam list. Do you people not understand where your bread is buttered? She and her 20 years of snarky fashion commentary lavished so much attention on your event, and made the red carpet the thing we wanted to see, that you should... Read more »

Practicing compassion, and teaching your kids: #1000speak

When I was in counseling grad school, it was the fashion to see children as not yet ready for empathy and compassion, as if they had to get through their self-involved it’s-all-about-me years before they could develop an ear for others’ needs. That never seemed right to me – I’d always had a soft spot... Read more »

SNL 40: Time travel and Kanye's failed rehab attempt

Saturday Night Live didn’t have much relationship with rehab when it could have counted. John Belushi, dead of drug overdose at 33; Chris Farley, dead of drug overdose at 33. I’m not blaming SNL for that, and don’t know what attempts were made to intervene with either of them, out of friendship and/or concern for... Read more »

Jackie Robinson West stripped of title: What I hope the boys understand

So, it was too good to be true. Scrappy team from the South Side, with the support of parents, coaches, neighborhoods, and eventually the whole city, wins the national Little League title. And then goes to the Little League World Series and plays with heart and good sportsmanship, loses big, but ends up goofing around... Read more »

Mr Cunnea in Room 103 ½: One teacher’s impact

Mr. Cunnea was the only reason I took four years of high school Latin, when I could have been taking something more applicable to my coming life, like, say, Spanish or French, which people still speak. He was a hefty, white-haired, good-natured man with a booming voice and a great chuckle. By the time I... Read more »