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My Thanksgiving memories: Belonging to a non-related family

We always brought the Butterscotch Brownies out of The Joy of Cooking cookbook. My mom wasn’t an inventive cook. She had other projects that interested her more, like campaigning for Bob Merriam  for mayor of Chicago over Richard Daley the First, or whatever the League of Women Voters was up to, or picking out the... Read more »

Note to Antonio the waiter: Nice try, but you couldn’t wreck our birthday dinner

Regular readers have noticed that I often don’t live up to the name Ms Crankypants, mostly winding up with rueful shoulder-shrugging instead of finger-pointing. But not today. Last night, we had the waiter from hell, and I offer these notes in an effort to debrief. Antonio, you may just have one of those faces that... Read more »

The wrong-way DUI driver and her victim: an addiction counselor's view

Recently fellow ChicagoNow blogger Erin Massey  was badly injured in a wrong-way DUI crash on I-55. She and her family and friends face pain and hardship as she recovers. The driver will face – what? Criminal penalties no doubt, with legal fees. And whatever form of personal reckoning she is capable of. That’s right, I... Read more »

Bill Cosby interview: Getting his own way again?

The scene looked all too familiar. A powerful man, this time a comedian rather than a politician, facing the camera, with his wife silently standing by her man. Only this time, they were both seated, Bill Cosby and his wife Camille, facing an AP reporter who reluctantly “went there” and began asking about the rape... Read more »

What are your best musical moments? A listener's life

Ever meet someone, talk for ten minutes, and  find that this new person has planted a question in your brain that you just have to answer? Just last week I met a fellow ChicagoNow blogger, Anne Kiplinger, and was introduced to her blog Music Mom. Then, I read her post on her important connections with... Read more »