Miracle revealed: Men tackle domestic violence thanks to Ray Rice!

As someone who has been part of the effort to figure out how to eliminate domestic violence, and who has said for years that men are the ones who should do the heavy lifting on this problem considering that they are usually the perpetrators, I am happy to report some good news:

Men may have finally discovered both the problem and the solution. Sure, it took them a while to wake up, but once they did, just this morning apparently, well, wow.

Today, after video surfaced of Ray Rice’s “altercation” (read punching a woman full on in an elevator and dragging her unconscious body out into the hallway) with his girlfriend who is now his wife (thank you, technology), look what happened:

1)    Ray lost his job with the Baltimore Ravens to the tune of $40 million in earnings, and

2)    The NFL threw him out of the league, leaving him to apply to get back in if he can make a case for himself in the future (I smell a rehab opportunity)

The earth is spinning a little faster today from the rapid turnaround. But now we can see a connection that wasn’t there before: Starting today, you do something brutal off the football field (on is probably still fine), you get whacked. Right where it hurts – in the career and in the wallet. Now that’s a language everyone can understand.

I get it that miracles have to be proven, that one event doesn’t automatically reverse decades of neglect, but something changed today. Welcome, fellas, to the cause of making everybody safe at home. (I know that’s a baseball metaphor, but any sports metaphor is better than none.) Mars and Venus are suddenly aligned. We hope you stick around.


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