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Is time still on my side? A babyboomer misses my unlimited future

This month’s ChicagoNow BlogapaloozHour assignment: Write for one hour about a person, place, or thing that you miss. This should be easy for me, the grief counselor. I’ve got a pretty good acquaintance with loss – people like my parents and friends, places like our family’s old home place, things like the many lost earrings... Read more »

Grief, the Ukraine plane crash, and me: I've been there

I have two things in common with the surviving relatives of those killed in Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, shot down over Ukraine: I am (partly) of Dutch heritage as are many of the survivors – in fact when I am there, people come up to me and ask directions, I look so much like I... Read more »

Do you smell something? 15 steps to a skunk-free basement

When you wake up in the morning, you never know what life is going to present to you. Today, it presented me with a skunk, rattling around in the window well outside my basement window. So today I learned the 15- step process for skunk removal. I feel bad for the skunk – he didn’t... Read more »

7 more ways to relish summer in Chicago, but hurry!

Fellow ChicagoNow blogger Carol Kuhrt Brewer  has raised the alarm – we’d better get busy if we are going to make the most of this summer. Before we know it, Bed Bath and Beyond will be glutted with mother-child pairs buying shower caddies and XL twin sheets for the freshman dorm, the mother’s eyes haunted... Read more »

What's the matter? Give me a smile

I stood on a side street in New Orleans, around the corner from St. Louis Cathedral, waiting for my husband. I guess I was staring off into the distance, maybe thinking of my two young kids at home in the care of grandparents, or maybe just letting my therapist-stress level abate. A man approached and... Read more »