Trump trumps Chicago: 20 foot letters, really?

I’ve never been one to toss around psychiatric labels just because I know some, but this is a special case. I do this not as a mental health professional, but as a disgruntled citizen of Chicago.

I will give you the symptoms of this disorder, and you see who it makes you think of. Answer below.


Preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance

Believes he is special and unique

Strong sense of entitlement

Exploitive of others

Lacks empathy

Believes others envious of him

Shows haughty behavior or attitudes

(Thank you, )

Here’s a hint: He slaps his name 20 feet high on his buildings and then claims that people like them. Can you say delusional?

But shame on us, as we suspended our natural suspicion and let him deceive us into thinking he could rein himself in. In fact, we were pretty excited to replace the old Sun-Times building with something new, and then we were pleasantly shocked that it looked so good. Architecture critics even liked it.

Yet all the time, he was just waiting in the weeds to spring his garish, self-aggrandizing letters six years after the building went up.

So here we go again, proud of our city but being asked to overlook certain unsavory details of life here, like the way we give a pass to political corruption, the always hapless Cubs, etc.

We’ve overlooked plenty before so I’m sure we can handle this, but how do you keep your blood from boiling as you pass down our beautiful river and see those garish letters?

Maybe we could pull another midnight raid, like the one that destroyed Meigs Field, and sneakily replace the current letters with N-A-R-C-I-S-S-I-S-T. Now that I could get behind.


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