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My Love Letter to the Iowa Summer Writing Festival: My summer camp

I never went to sleep-away camp when I was a kid. I was good with Beverly Day Camp and my white T-shirt with green pictures on it, and quite satisfied to excel in archery (and only archery) while returning home to sleep in my own bed, thank you. I was a shy girl, and chicken.... Read more »

55 years after Castro’s revolution. Cuba Libre?

It’s been 5 years since my visit to Cuba on the 50th anniversary of Castro’s revolution. When the Key West Literary Seminar announced the trip, I signed up five minutes later, for two people. I figured that if my husband wasn’t up for it, I had plenty of friends who would jump at the chance.... Read more »

Trump trumps Chicago: 20 foot letters, really?

I’ve never been one to toss around psychiatric labels just because I know some, but this is a special case. I do this not as a mental health professional, but as a disgruntled citizen of Chicago. I will give you the symptoms of this disorder, and you see who it makes you think of. Answer... Read more »

The fatherless child's guide to Father's Day

Father’s Day didn’t actually make its way on to my personal calendar until I was 23 years old. I had a father for the first two years but then he died in an accident, and from what I’ve heard of him, I bet we had a bang-up time those first couple of years. He was... Read more »

Millennium Park is awesome, but Chicago needs a Bryant Park too

When I get back from New York City, there is not much I want to bring back home with me. I love to visit the neighborhoods, Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, but it’s fine for them to stay there until my next visit. And I am relieved to leave the crowds and souvenirs. But here... Read more »