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March 1965: Fun in Chicago, Deaths in Selma

March of 1965 was a big month for me. I turned 17, and my senior year was coming to a close. My friends and I were busy writing skits for the Latin banquet, the senior issue of the school newspaper was underway, and the whole Beatles thing, while still entrancing, was starting to fade in... Read more »

It's still Mental Health Awareness Month: Why so negative?

Yesterday’s post brought together the negativity of a Debbie Downer with some suggestions about how to get over it. Today’s will celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month by exploring sources of stubborn negativity that won’t yield to such suggestions.  Negativity is no mystery. It has its purposes, as outlined below. Negativity is often used in the... Read more »

Mental Health Awareness Month meets Debbie Downer

Do you know Debbie Downer, Sad Sack Sam, Misery Loves Company Mary, the Prince of Pessimism? These are the people who send you climbing out the window to escape their visits. If they do get in, the dark cloud that hangs over their heads starts to drift toward yours. For Mental Health Awareness Month, I... Read more »

Your family stories: Choose one to tell today

What is your favorite family story? Everybody has them, even if they are hidden somewhere in your brain folds until you go looking. To celebrate Personal History Month (I know – you’ve never heard of it, but it’s real), find one and tell it to someone. My family has one about the time my mother,... Read more »

Advice to New Graduates: 8 life lessons

Listen up graduates – I have learned plenty about life since I sat waiting impatiently in my cap and gown to get my hands on that diploma, eager to first get on to the picnic in the park, and then to my new life. Here’s what I can tell you: Let yourself be a beginner.... Read more »

Letters to a New Mom: The first 3 things you need to know

Welcome to your new life. It will involve the biggest give and take that you’ve ever seen: You give them everything from rattles to tuition, and they take your heart and carry it around with them for the rest of time. That’s the deal you’ve made. They will grow and you will grow. They give... Read more »

Donald Sterling: our outrage and his cancer

There’s one thing you can say about Americans: we want to imagine ourselves to be a little bit better than we actually are in practice, and just give us a chance to show it. Basketball owner and inadvertently public racist Donald Sterling just gave us a welcome opportunity. His recorded private comments kicked off a... Read more »