10 things I learned through travel:Waffle House, French Broads, and dating over 60

Travel is instructive. Let me share what it taught me this spring as I made a swing through the South. If I’d stayed home I would know nothing of these amazing facts.

If you order cheese grits at Waffle House, you get a Styrofoam bowl filled with steaming grits topped by a square of American cheese.

Gigantic bumble bees in the Low Country are more interested in each other (mating? flirting? fighting?) than in humans whom they nonetheless divebomb.

Dog people will never understand non-dog people, and vice versa. Did you know that in Florida, ladies wheel their dogs around in miniature baby buggies? Seriously.

The French Broad River is not about saucy Parisian dames.

Life has become easier in the past 99 years, even with work stress, overscheduling, and worry about Miley Cyrus and how your kinds are going to get into college (and how you are going to pay for it). See proof here.

You can stay overnight in a former Bon Marche department store (built in 1928) in Asheville NC, in enormous luxury suites. The elevator still says out loud, Third Floor. Ladies’ lingerie.

It is a myth that women over 60 are out of luck romantically, and I have four delighted (and surprised) women in four different states as proof.

Jellyfish are not fish, and cannot escape their fate. I counted 250 expiring ones on the beach one day before I stopped counting. Seemed sad but it’s what you expect as a jellyfish.

In Hilton Head, spring feels like fall because the giant spreading live oak trees finally drop their leaves.

You can go  home  again after all, in more than your memory. In fact, getting home is the best part of the trip, in the end.


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