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Climbing the Smokies: Taking my mother back home

I went home the other day to a place I’d never been, up a mountain, in the rain, ducking under rhododendron overgrowth, off the trail, following the Juneywhank branch, in what is now the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. When our people arrived there, in 1915, it was just land that my grandparents had managed... Read more »

A Collaboration on Leonard Cohen: The People’s Poetry of

Leonard Cohen brings out the poet in us. One day I was on researching which album to buy next and noticed a remarkable thing: Every listener review was poetry itself. I couldn’t help but string them together, becoming a poet myself, briefly. We, your people, would like a word. For all the years we’ve... Read more »

10 Things to Love about Leonard Cohen 2014

The other night, ChicagoNow asked us bloggers to passionately defend a guilty pleasure of ours, this month’s topic for BlogapaloozHour when we all write furiously on the same topic and post an hour later. I was a little tied up at the time, but am ready now to explain my fervent attachment to singer-songwriter-poet Leonard... Read more »

Free to Be...You and Me: The Cure for Pink Princesses?

Quick – what do Marlo Thomas, Alan Alda, Mel Brooks, Rosey Grier, and Carol Channing have in common? If you are a baby boomer, this should come easy. If you are the child of a baby boomer, it will be too. For the rest of you, all of these people and a host of others... Read more »

Grief Pitfall #1: Defending yourself against the Grief Police

If you hear something like this: Shouldn’t you be over this by now? Do you have closure? When are you going to get out of denial? then look around. The Grief Police are out there, patrolling, trained in exactly how other people should grieve. They are armed with advice and superior knowledge. They follow you... Read more »