Firefighters, pancakes, and sex: Overheard at the diner

Overheard minding my own business trying to revise a chapter of my book-in-progress while having breakfast at a diner:

Two firefighters/EMTs discussing the personality type that chooses that career (take-charge, Type A); the difference between the trauma exposure of each (EMTs daily see the graphic results of accident, injury, bad decisions, etc. vs. firefighters who see the results of the same but less often and less often disastrously), and finally, the infuriating practices of the “clueless idiots” who empty the dishwasher from the top down and spill collected water all over the things on the lower racks which they then stack right on the cabinet shelves still wet!

Quite elderly couple. Man orders eggs, grits, corned beef hash, fruit, pancakes.
Server: Boy, you’re hungry today.
Wife: We had sex this morning, that’s why.
Server whoops with laughter and flees. Man keep head down and enjoys his coffee without comment.

Man and woman replace the firefighters. They are apparently regulars based on how the server greets them. He orders a double order of pancakes, which are about a foot across at this place.
Server: Where did you find this guy? He’s a weird one. No one can eat that much.
Man: Yep, I was just waiting for a bus and this woman pulled up and asked if I wanted to have breakfast. I thought, why not? Maybe she’ll pay.
More laughter.
The couple plans to go to a movie later, maybe that American Hustle. I’m betting they have fun. And now that I think about it, I bet that server has fun all day with this parade of folks waiting to tell their stories.

Back to my book. Stop the distractions, people.

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