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Movies collide: An Unmarried Woman meets Network

Two characters in two different moves have become tangled in my mind. They were both faced with the same ugly situation, but had wildly different reactions. Both learned that their trusted husbands were leaving them for someone else, someone younger and unencumbered, in midstream, with no warning Poof! There goes trust, and trust in their... Read more »

The Grammys vs. 20 Steps from Stardom

Instead of watching the endless glittered-up current pop stars and baby-boomer gods Starr and McCartney compete for attention on the Grammys, you could have watched 20 Steps from Stardom, a documentary that portrays a real competition – between backup singers and the forces that keep them in the background despite exquisite voices and determination to... Read more »

Firefighters, pancakes, and sex: Overheard at the diner

Overheard minding my own business trying to revise a chapter of my book-in-progress while having breakfast at a diner: Two firefighters/EMTs discussing the personality type that chooses that career (take-charge, Type A); the difference between the trauma exposure of each (EMTs daily see the graphic results of accident, injury, bad decisions, etc. vs. firefighters who... Read more »

5 things I learned from the Polar vortex visit to Chicago

Chicago is in the second day of thirty to forty degree below zero wind chills, and Chicagoans are busy congratulating each other about how we withstand our suffering, which constantly makes us ever smarter and stronger. I have learned a few things myself. 1. Appreciation of the little things, like my furnace and fireplace. 2.... Read more »