A Christmas grace that doesn’t mention God – Really?

How do you invite people of all religious and non-religious stripes to your Christmas Day table? Mainstream Christians have it easy – they have a common language and a shared viewpoint, and the words just flow. The rest of us can feel left out, marginalized, or at least uncomfortable, when our beliefs are not included. While we respect the meaning that others get from those traditional words, and have lots of practice at letting it go, we appreciate something broader, like the following. Or, you might like to write your own. I did.

We stand here together
entranced by this season that encourages our impulse for generosity and kindness,
awed by whatever grace landed us in the circle of the kind of family that everyone deserves,
humbled by the abundance of our lives,
relieved that even on the longest nights of the year, there is moonlight and firelight to bring us home where we belong.

We stand here together
missing those who were once with us and now inhabit our hearts and memories;
yearning for the others we love, gathered around other tables, thinking of us;
grateful for this time of year when we can see more clearly, sing more heartily, and embrace more fully the hope for peace in our hearts and in our world.

Merry Christmas.

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