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A Christmas grace that doesn’t mention God – Really?

How do you invite people of all religious and non-religious stripes to your Christmas Day table? Mainstream Christians have it easy – they have a common language and a shared viewpoint, and the words just flow. The rest of us can feel left out, marginalized, or at least uncomfortable, when our beliefs are not included.... Read more »

The baby-boomer's shrinking Christmas card list

I mailed my Christmas cards first thing this morning, just in time to not feel like a slackard, as my mother used to say. The photocard shows the five of us around a table at Gibson’s last Christmas Eve, all smiling at our picture-taking waiter, all having good hair days. There is mellow light in... Read more »

Missing your mom at the holidays - Christmas grieving

There are a lot of ways to lose a mom. She can die, or retreat into dementia, or into illness or addiction. You may have had a chance to say goodbye, or not. You may have been on good terms when you parted, or not. She may have been a great mom to you, or... Read more »