Anthony Weiner, abusive husband

Anthony “weiner-for-brains” Weiner showed a particular talent yesterday for making a bad situation worse – parading his poor grim-looking wife Huma out in front of the media to listen to a new confession of his most recent 2012 pathetic photo sex play. The intent: for her to save him with her forgiveness, again. The result: now she is the one being lambasted for standing by her man. The truth: it is not necessary to stand by your man if he emotionally abuses and humiliates you. Really.

After Anthony’s 2011 confession of pathetic photo sex play, we figured we’d never see him again. But recently, because he couldn’t control his ambition and decided he’d make a good mayor of NYC, here he is again. (And just to show you the wacky sense of humor of those New Yorkers, he was leading in some polls.) And Huma is back too, but she had a look in her eye that she didn’t back then – defeated, haggard, angry.

Marriage is a crap shoot. When we stand up there at the altar all starry-eyed, we think it is one thing – the path laid out to our future security and happiness. But when that path leads instead to public shame and ridicule, it’s proof that it has become another thing entirely. And that we lost the bet.

Women usually resist the expectation that we are an agreeable cohesive bloc on any issue, since we know that just on our street there are vastly different viewpoints on politics, religion, and all the big matters. But I suspect that on this one, more of us agree than not: Huma doesn’t have to live like this. That’s what we’d tell our neighbor or sister or friend, and it’s what her friends are probably telling her right now.

Let Anthony go find an advisor to tell him that this is the perfect time for a strategically-placed rehab that would allow him to disappear for a few weeks, and then resurface a new man.

Let him use rehab to soul-search and see if he can find his own best self. I’m an addictions counselor and I’ve seen it happen dozens of times. And let him give up the grandiose ambitions that are clearly beyond him. If Anthony does the work and comes back a new man, he can try to win her back. But right now, he’s not worth having.

And don’t save a seat for Huma on visiting day. With any luck, she’ll be on a girls’ weekend having a restorative massage. And we’ll all be with her in spirit.

Last suggestion: would someone please give him Geraldo Rivera’s number? If rehab doesn’t work out, they might make a great pair.

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  • The "wife at his side" has become too hackneyed. Spitzer's wife had to do it, and it only took her two years to say she will file for divorce.

    BTW, the spelling of wiener (as in Oscar Mayer, and I suppose the appendage) does not correspond to how Anthony pronounces his name. In German, ie or ei is pronounced with the second letter. Wiener comes from Vienna, or Wien, as opposed to wine, which is wein.

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