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Boston Marathon Bombing: What do we tell our children; what do we tell ourselves?

Three people dead, 144 hurt, some severely, at the Boston Marathon. No, not again. We should be getting good at this, at finding ways to contend with violence in which thoroughly innocent people suffer sudden death or ever-changed lives. By now, we have a wide variety of perpetrators with plenty of different motives – international... Read more »

David Letterman, therapist. Lindsay Lohan, client

David Letterman would have made a decent therapist. When he interviewed Lindsay Lohan last night, he was pleasant but relentless. He had a mission. He lead the elephant right into the room and sat it down on her lap. He didn’t allow her smart remarks to distract from the real questions that someone should be... Read more »

Lessons Roger Ebert Taught Me

Roger Ebert left behind more than movie reviews. He also left behind some lessons in life. It was both a surprise and not a surprise that he died the other day. We knew about his cancer and the lengths he went to overcome it. Most of us didn’t yet know of its recurrence. And none... Read more »