Why is Barack Obama crying? Why is Mitt Romney smiling?

Mr. Cool and Aloof choked up in his final campaign speech? Well.

After all this, it’s come down to tonight and the counting. There’s nothing more he can do, nothing more to worry about, in a way.

What is it like to be him tonight? Is there a little corner of his heart that says, “It’s okay if I lose – think what I’ll regain. A more normal life, time to spend with my children before they are out the door, a new life to craft.”

And what is it like to be Mitt Romney tonight? Behind that smile, is there a corner of his heart that says, “OMG, what was I thinking? I might be the leader of the free world! This isn’t the Olympics.”

It may be true that politicians are different from us. Perhaps they don’t have moments of doubt, or thoughts of other paths, like we do. At least one of them will tonight.

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