He’s not good enough for you: The story of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

The King of Narcissism Arnold Schwarzenegger recently came out with an autobiography, which lifts the veil (which was pretty flimsy in the first place) on his behavior toward women over the years. Interviews reveal his utter cluelessness about the impact his bad acts have on other people, like his formerly trusting spouse Maria Shriver.

She stood by her man, until he got cornered in a marriage counselor’s office into admitting that he’d fathered a child with a trusted employee. Another trust violation. Maria wisely leaves and files for divorce. He writes his book, and reveals an earlier affair too.

When a TV interviewer asks if there were any more, Arnold looks coyly at her and says, “That’s between me and my wife.”

Which raises the question: are we looking at cluelessness or cruelty? The glint in Arnold’s eye suggests the latter.

As for standing by your man, you need to make sure he is worth it. And doesn’t have a book in him if he is not. And you’ve got to be careful what you give up for that man.

Maria had a kickass job, a powerful family, and a lot of trust. I hope she can get them back. And I hope that nobody buys that book.

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