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The Sins of General Petreus: A Film Treatment

The cast: General Petraeus, “biographer” Paula Broadwell, another general John Allen, Florida social climber and military groupie Jill Kelley, her recently divorced sister Supporting cast: Loyal wife Holly Petraeus, and various FBI agents The pitch: General #1 embeds Broadwell. Protecting her territory, Broadwell tries to chase away Kelley who appears to be after any general... Read more »

Why is Barack Obama crying? Why is Mitt Romney smiling?

Mr. Cool and Aloof choked up in his final campaign speech? Well. After all this, it’s come down to tonight and the counting. There’s nothing more he can do, nothing more to worry about, in a way. What is it like to be him tonight? Is there a little corner of his heart that says,... Read more »

The 5 Best Election Day Ideas 2012

#1. The unmanning of the pollsters. What greater pleasure than to see the folks who are supposed to be able to tell us what we are thinking and therefore how we will vote be unable to do that. “Oh, gee, too close to call,” they say one after another. The only polls that are apparently... Read more »

The 5 Worst Election Day Ideas 2012

#1. The notion that you vote in a flash in the sleepy old suburbs. Arrived at my polling place, usually an empty cavern, to find lines of voters waiting due to a backlog at the front desk. A young woman whose husband was listed but she wasn’t, despite her having received a new voter card... Read more »

Missing on Election Day #2: Jesse Jackson, Jr.

With Rod Blagojevich locked up in one place, another one of our political luminaries sits in another kind of exile. Jesse Jackson, Jr. spends this Election Day in Mayo Clinic’s mental health division being treated for his apparent Bi-Polar Disorder. His disappearance may be far less self-inflicted than Rod’s, and therefore more deserving of compassion,... Read more »

Missing on Election Day #1: Rod Blagojevich

For some people – political reporters, pundits, rabid citizens who manage to believe after years of evidence to the contrary that the next person we elect will walk on water – today is the day they’ve been waiting for. For others – me – it’s the day when the phone will stop ringing with the... Read more »

He’s not good enough for you: The story of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

The King of Narcissism Arnold Schwarzenegger recently came out with an autobiography, which lifts the veil (which was pretty flimsy in the first place) on his behavior toward women over the years. Interviews reveal his utter cluelessness about the impact his bad acts have on other people, like his formerly trusting spouse Maria Shriver. She... Read more »

He’s not good enough for you: The story of Rihanna and Chris Brown

Well, hasn’t it been a time for the dashing of feminist hopes. With years of opportunity and growing financial independence, women imagined that by now they would have eliminated the need to cling to men who would make their lives worse instead of better. Enter domestic violence victim Rihanna, seen recently making out with her... Read more »