The Democratic Convention: A Fitting Tribute to Chicago

Wasn’t that Democratic National Convention nice? Never have so many from any one state taken the microphone. (Truthiness alert: I have no idea if that’s true, but if anyone has a problem with it, let them look it up. I have a lot to do today.)

I took it as a tribute to Illinois and especially Chicago that they provided a slot for nearly the entire delegation to address the crowd. Between Rahm, Tammy Duckworth, Luis Gutierrez, Arne Duncan, Gov. Quinn, Bill Daley behind the scenes, and of course our own Mr. President and Michelle “working out is worth it” Obama, our hearts should swell with pride. Illinois Democrats had their fingerprints all over this thing.

Why did we rate such an honor – was it our handling of labor disputes, or our first-place gubernatorial conviction rate, or the economic acumen behind the parking and Skyway deals, or just our general Can Do spirit?

All I know is that now I can finally start my countdown – only 57 more days of this. Now, the lucky candidates start the final leg of their attempt to sell us on their differing versions of reality.

Days will be filled with debates (I can’t wait for the Biden-Ryan one especially – fine entertainment to be had there for sure), and lots of the-sky-is-falling-if-my-opponent-wins messaging. All with the press following them around making the most of every misstep, distorted fact (won’t they be busy), and poll numbers.

And then it will be over. Wonder if the kids will be back in school by then.

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