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Republicans Roast President Obama

The day has arrived – the Republicans can finally have their roast of President Obama. But it’s just as well that semi-hurricane whatever blew in when it did – they now have an extra day to strategize on how to blame the thing on Mr. Obama. Let’s see… He failed to prevent global warming, so... Read more »

The Ms Crankypants Goodbye Olympics Awards

The Olympics are done, just in time since they were running out of minor sports that you’ve barely heard of. Just when I became saturated with single-minded athletes who have devoted 4, 8, or 12 years to the pursuit of a medal that they can miss out on in less than 10 seconds, they shut... Read more »

Ms Crankypants reviews the 2012 Olympics

Opening Ceremony: Well-populated, historic, incoherent, cinematic, nice flame. Women’s gymnastics coverage: Too cutesy-pie and emotional. These girls are there because they are athletes, not girlfriends. The right guy in the right job: Bob Costas Most mystifying hire by NBC: Ryan Seacrest as special correspondent. Don’t they know that there are other youngish media types they... Read more »