Chick-Fil-A loses out

All I wanted was a crack at one of those yummy crispy chicken sandwiches I fell in love with during visits to the South, any time I wanted. When Chick-Fil-A announced that it was coming to Chicagoland, with their funny billboards showing cows saving their own hides by promoting chicken, I clicked my heels like Ron Santo. But I didn’t even make it in there to have one before their politics stopped me in my tracks.

The owner told the Baptist Press all about their opposition on biblical grounds to same sex marriage. The word leaked out to the non-Baptist press. They certainly have every right to believe what they believe, but must they dangle it in front of my salivating face? I do not need a side of politics with my fast food. I stand with the Muppets who just bailed out on them too.

This has happened to me before. I was doing fine at Curves for Women, a network of local exercise facilities, clawing my way up the list of members meeting their fitness goals. Then I learned that their founders were taking my fees and siphoning them off to anti-choice causes. Fine, make your money off of women and then donate it to anti-women efforts. I had to quit them, but it turns out I like Pilates better anyway.

Next came the Susan G. Komen for the Cure debacle, where CEO Nancy Brinker, who founded the organization in memory of her sister Susan, had raised an unbelievable $ 2 billion for research and services. I happily gave her money every year. Until I found out that she hired a right wing activist who eliminated Planned Parenthood from their list of eligible grant recipients.

Luckily, it’s hard to keep a secret like that these days, thank you Internet, and the whole thing blew up. As they watched their race registrations dip by 30%, and their standing in a survey of non-profits fall from 2nd to 56th, they realized that they had to act.

As a longtime donor, I received a lengthy questionnaire which I filled out, eager to lodge my protest. It was a public relations crisis management masterpiece. They provided texts of potential apologies, that ranged from something like, “Boy, we are really sorry; we screwed up” all the way to “Those damn liberals are acting like we did something wrong; can you believe their black-hearted malice?”

When I later realized what a goldmine of spin it was, I went back to capture a copy. Of course, it was gone. But these days nothing is ever gone. Enjoy it here if you like :

Far too late, SGK etc. took remedial action, but by then the curtain had lifted and I had seen too much. So I took my wallet elsewhere. Again.

Back in Chick-Fil-A-land, it took a few days, but now the owner is back-pedaling to reassure that they just love all potential customers and we should all go ahead and come on in. He politely left out the part about sin and eternal damnation.

So, goodbye chicken sandwiches. Along with Curves and Susan G., you go on the trash heap of what I’ve given up for my principles. Now, if Waffle House has any expansion plans – hey, don’t turn up your nose. Have you ever tried the pecan (pronounced pee-caaaan) waffles? Heavenly – I just hope they’ll keep their politics in their pockets.


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    I somewhat agree with you... but I just sat in line at a Chik-Fil-A for about 45 minutes. I don't think boycotting them is doing any good. People like me who support LIBERTY FOR ALL (opinions for all), are keeping Chik-Fil-A up and running. More power to you. Boycotting is akin to bullying, though, and isn't that what the Left so haughtily preaches against? If people would recite the Pledge of Allegiance more often (in schools, perhaps?), the concept of "liberty and justice for all" wouldn't be so foreign. Eat mor chikin. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

  • oh my goodness No way he told a "Christian magazine" his families "Christian views" how dare he! Really!!?! ever heard of freedom of speech? and what "back pedaling"? not, he never said in the first place gays were not welcome in the eating establishment, who is making this stuff up? he basically stated their closed on Sundays, marriage is between a man and a woman and that was THEIR FAMILIES biblical view on it. OK ready for it now?.... Yes I work at Chick-fil-A, I do not attend church, I work with Mormans, Penticostal, Christians and non church goers their views all differ and we get along just fine, I believe Mr. Moreno is acting a bit childish saying if you dont play my way I wont let you play! Throwing his political weight around to stop Chick-fil-A from opening there because the owner stated what he believes. I love the "side of politics with my fast food" comment hahaha I have never had any politcal view shoved down my throat along with the chicken sandwich, thats amusing, I ALMOST LEFT OUT THE BEST PART FOR YOU ALL.... I did mention I work at Chick-fil-A but forgot to tell you my 23 yr old son did too and he is G A Y! oh my gosh stop the presses! Yes my son is Gay and when he comes in town he volunteers to come in and be the cow because he loves it, and the operator/owner, manager, general manager, and most everyone who works there knows hes gay! btw I DO NOT believe in gay marriage either,waaaaa!? My son does, and he goes to gay pride marches in St Louis and heis a grown man who has a right to believe and live however he desires! I respect that ans love him, he knows I do not believe in gay marriage, and better sit down, he respects my view and loves me anyway!! before you judge Chick-fil-A, the Cathy family or put words in peoples mouths research them a bit, they are an amazing family who give almost all their profits away to help kids organizations, and foster kids the reason they say they do.... thats their biblical view of what they should do with their wealth, OH MY goodness no one is complaining about that, politicians are not sending back their paychecks because Chick-fil-A pays taxes on the over 4 billion dollars they make per yr, helping make the payroll of all those politicians. its sad that the world seeks out ways to find faults and attack others, its a sickness really, we want freedom of speech as long as everyone opinion is the same as ours.

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