What Ms Crankypants longs for

Things I miss:
Iced spice cookies disappeared tragically from Field’s basement bakery counter even before the demise of Field’s.
Linens ‘n Things, which had better stuff, went under leaving rival BB&B to rule.
Kon Tiki Ports moved from a downtown where it belonged to the Viagra Triangle, where it quietly closed soon after.
Oscar Meyer sandwich spread is no longer even made. I get a craving for it about every 7 years. Sure it was probably made of pig snouts and rat lips but it was part of my childhood. It’s an outrage.
Bennigan’s closed in 2008 proving that generic sizzling whatevers aren’t enough.
Borders closed 2011, murdered by amazon.com with an assist from their own dunderheaded judgment not to enter e-commerce until it was far too late. I hate to be harsh because I miss you so so much.
Venetian Night was cancelled in 2009 in the Great Belt-Tightening, leaving style-conscious boaters nowhere to go to show off.
Kodak, following the Border’s school of stick-your-head-in-the-sand- and-ignore-new-trends is gone this year. Who would have imagined?

Things I thought I’d miss but I don’t:

Things I’m glad are still here:
Rainbow Cone, speaking of my childhood

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