The Sanduskys and gratitude

Here is the number one reason you are going to have a good day today:
You are not Dottie Sandusky. Imagine after 45 grueling years of marriage, you are dragged into court and expected to say good things about the guy who posed as a hero while defiling young boys in the basement – allegedly.
For any normal wife in any normal marriage, this would present a delicious temptation – to set out in the public record the grievances that build up in any relationship of that length. Why even Mr. Crankypants might have a few things to say. But Dottie didn’t take the bait. She stood by her man. Think of the energy she must have expended over the years to keep from seeing Jerry clearly.
She spat out her testimony, blaming the victims, blue eyes blazing. I wonder if you get a new outfit for such an occasion. Do you ask the saleslady’s advice about which would play best before the court? Or had that nice lime green sweater set hung in the closet all the time the activities were going on in the basement?
So, thank your lucky stars, today, tomorrow, and into the future. You are not Dottie Sandusky. Life is good.

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