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What Ms Crankypants longs for

Things I miss: Iced spice cookies disappeared tragically from Field’s basement bakery counter even before the demise of Field’s. Linens ‘n Things, which had better stuff, went under leaving rival BB&B to rule. Kon Tiki Ports moved from a downtown where it belonged to the Viagra Triangle, where it quietly closed soon after. Oscar Meyer... Read more »

Gay Pride Parade tips Chicago

Whoa. Ms C is dizzy. Chicago is teetering on top of a tipping point that she never expected to arrive so soon. 850,000 people came out for the Gay Pride Parade Sunday. Now that the Grant Park fireworks on July 4th are history, that may be the biggest group of us Chicagoans all year, unless... Read more »

The Sanduskys and gratitude

Here is the number one reason you are going to have a good day today: You are not Dottie Sandusky. Imagine after 45 grueling years of marriage, you are dragged into court and expected to say good things about the guy who posed as a hero while defiling young boys in the basement – allegedly.... Read more »

Torn from the Jerry Sandusky headlines

One question. Just what is in that giant black notebook that alleged serial sexual predator Jerry Sandusky carries in and out of court every day? Imagine the tabs: Boys I abused in the shower at work. Boys I abused in the basement at home. Threats I made. What to say if Bob Costas shows up... Read more »

Here we go again with the politics

Ms Crankypants has complained before about the toxic effects of politics, and here is more evidence. First, the nice-seeming Ricketts family buys the Cubs. Suddenly, there is innovation in the air – Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney play there, so does a football team, even though they didn’t really have room for the end zones,... Read more »