Here we go again with the politics

Ms Crankypants has complained before about the toxic effects of politics, and here is more evidence. First, the nice-seeming Ricketts family buys the Cubs. Suddenly, there is innovation in the air – Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney play there, so does a football team, even though they didn’t really have room for the end zones, and people could ice skate all winter, until we had no winter. Amazing and effective distractions from the actual performance of the baseball team.

Long-disgruntled fans began to inch toward new expectations. Maybe these people could return the Cubs to baseball respectability, even success.

But then the Rickettses started panhandling, asking the famously broke state of Illinois for money, which is like asking a desert rat for a nice cool glass of water.

Then they asked the cash-strapped City of Chicago which had been plundered by the pet projects of its long term and recently departed mayor, for money. Since they’d already sold off our assets like the skyway and street parking for the next few decades, it’s hard to imagine them saying yes. Unless you are NATO of course.

By then the Ricketts might have still had a chance. The Cubs are intrinsically lovable in a sad and defeated sort of way, and there’s still nothing like a day at Wrigley Field.

Enter Grandpa Ricketts, apparently a major moneybags. News gets out that he is a politician’s dream, or nightmare, depending on your proclivities. A staunch conservative, he was looking for the best way to spend $10 million to defeat White Sox fan Barack H. Obama. One possibility – who leaked this anyway? –  was to fund advertisements to resurrect the fear and controversy around BHO’s longtime pastor Jeremiah Wright. To his credit, he decided against that option.

We don’t know our new mayor all that well yet, except that he doesn’t exactly seem warm and fuzzy. But the least aware citizen, given BHO’s role in Rahm’s career success, could predict his reaction to Grandpa’s plans.

So, now we have the cellar-dwelling Cubs, two broke governmental units, a mayor who won’t answer his phone, and a family in turmoil. I wonder if Grandpa’s going to get an invite to the Ricketts Family 4th of July picnic. There will be fireworks.

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