Meet Cachia Cherise

Meet Cachia Cherise

Hi Cachia! Thank you for allowing us to get to know more about your brand. Please start by introducing  yourself then tell us What your business is about. 

My name is Cachia Cherise, I am a child of GOD, committed wife, and mom that has been blessed to be gifted with being a Transparency Lifestyle Coach, Speaker and Blogger. My educational background in business and healthcare coupled with my career background within Fortune 500 companies. I have been fortunate to perfect my communication and interpersonal skills while working as a project manager, finance coordinator, and healthcare administratorMy business is based on being committed to becoming free by being Transparent in my life in the hopes that it will help other people become free and transparent in theirs. A transparency coach requires you to dig deeper inside yourself and work on spiritual cleansing from within. I have also created an apparel line that is geared towards transparency affirmations which are the foundation in my faith in GOD. Transparency is a lifestyle that’s what I practice in my life daily which allows for me to become free of hurt and pain of past life issues and circumstances.

 Wow that is absolutely amazing. We all could use your expertise. What makes your services and products relevant in a time such as now? 

 My products and services are relevant because they are designed to help people deal with life’s issues that keep you bogged down with self-doubt, insecurities, inner hate, and shaken faith. My service and apparel helppeople to dig deeper and be transparent about their own life. This allows you become free in your life and to clear the space of negativity, hurt, pain and insecurities. Therefore, becoming lighter and healed in the mental and spiritual space that you function in.

 I love that. So many people around the world are dealing with so much right now. How do you make the experience people have with you worth it? In other words, why should they choose you? 

 You should choose my company because I am committed to providing a interpersonal service that is centered around your individual needs. My services can be altered towards goals you set which will help you achieve the results you desire in your life.

 That’s great! Lets shift gears a little bit. What do you love most about entrepreneurship? 

 What I love most about entrepreneurship is that I have the ability to change lives by providing services that will not only impact others and change their lives, as well as influence my personal growth in the process of giving to others.

 I can hear the passion you have for what you do and that certainly matters. Has there been any obstacles/ struggles you’ve had to overcome while building your business?  

 One of the biggest obstacles that I have had to overcome while building my business was understanding that I have all the skills needed to provide the services that I am providing based on my prior experiences.

 Wow I love that answer. It definitely helps to be confident about your skill set. So tell me, How did you push through naysayers and critics?

What helps me push through is my faith and inner cleansing of my own self-doubt. This process has allowed me to become extremely confident while believing  in myself and my abilities.

 Bingo! Letting go of your own self doubt is crucial in entrepreneurship and life in general. You’ve got to be your own cheerleader.  What expert advice would you give Someone looking to start a business? 

The advice that I would give someone looking to start a business would be to research the industry that they are going into and be passionate about what they are doing because it shows in your business outcomes. Also, don’t give up, there will be more downs than ups when first starting out.

  I certainly agree. Ok so before I let you go, give us a Lookclusive. What can we expect from you this year?  I.e any new offering, promotions, events, etc?

 This year I will be offering new products such as a Journal Series and Coaching Courses geared towards helping people to dig deeper than they ever have before in their life to uncover the hidden things that keep you bound. I will also be writing a book sometime in the near future.

 That’s great, I can’t wait! Lets tell people where can find you?

You can find my services on my website at or feel free to                 email me at


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