Meet Pongee Barnes

Meet Pongee Barnes

Pongee was raised on the south-side of Chicago, and is a political-science graduate of Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. She embarked on a real estate career as a college student in 2005 and at the age of 20, bought her first condo in Chicago IL. After buying 2 condominiums during the most recent tumultuous real estate market collapse, she was able to endure and later purchase properties flips and rentals.

 Her current portfolio consists of properties with a mix of multi-family, commercial and single family homes. Pongee’s competitive edge is building a real estate portfolio, buying undervalueddistress properties in urban areas. She is especially passionate about real estate, but most importantly inspiring millennials to invest in it. 

Pongee’s passion for real-estate birthed her first book entitled “Real Estate & Chill “ which was released in February 2018. Her zeal for educating millennials on real estate investing led her to teach in Andre Hatchett’s “Black Real Estate School” where she was later featured many places. These include: Crain’s Chicago Business Newspaper, Dr. Boyce Watkins Intellectual Chocolate YouTube Channel, Radio interview with 1690 AM in Chicago and recently a published article for XoNecole, Medium magazine and The Jam TV show on Chicago’s CW network. 

If that’s wasn’t enough Pongee has now added  author to her list of titles alongside her two sons Benjamin 9, and Franklin 6. Together, they are creating a series of children’s books called “Little Owners”. The books focus on entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and community leadership.  “Ben the Banker” and “Franklin the Franchise Owner” were released December 2019 and “Riley the Real Estate Investor” and “Robert the Real Estate Investor” were released January 2020. Pongee enjoys raising her two sons in Chicago alongside her husband, who is also her business partner.

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