Meet Tamika Hall

Meet Tamika Hall

Tamika Hall is a mother of four beautiful children, a media mogul who juggles the everyday tasks of iWorship96, an international radio station, TamikaINK a design and marketing firm, She Wins film company and is the social media auntie to young women around the Globe. Like most women, she runs on little sleep, ambition, and goals to create a legacy for her children.

A former beauty queen turned radio host, bestselling author of more than a dozen books, and filmmaker, Tamika has more than 20 years in the public eye and exuded an abundance of confidence on the outside. Those around her, had no idea that she carried a secret of obsessing about body odor to the point of showering five times a day, washing in between and applying deodorant everywhere. Late 2017, after suffering from bacterial vaginosis for eight months induced by her obsessive washing habits, Tamika decided she’d had enough.

Pouring hours into internet searches, videos, and speaking with different Gynecologists, Tamika discovered two things – body odor is often impacted by what we put into our bodies, and secondly, women don’t speak about these body challenges. Women are raised to always smell sweet and never have a fragrance that is less than pleasing, but what happens when you’ve done all you can, and you still don’t smell like roses? Tamika wanted answers; better yet, she wanted a solution.

After more than a year of research and cold calling manufacturing companies, She’s Ready was born. An all-natural supplement that attacks the odor-causing bacteria in the body. One capsule that essentially strips away bad breath, stinky feet, underarm, groin, and sweat odor. 

Tamika credits She’s Ready with changing her life, “A woman with a healthy dose of body confidence can command any room, close any deal, and She’s Ready to conquer the world.”

She’s Ready is your new favorite body confidence company beautifying women from the inside out.

To learn more about She’s Ready and or purchase products, visit IG @tamikahall1

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