Look at Listiner Martinez

Look at Listiner Martinez

“ Aspire to Inspire because of Thru Great Adversities…….Comes Greater Victories”………
These words are lived daily by Listiner Martinez an Award-Winning Author, Accountability Coach, Creative Mind, entrepreneur, mentor, leader, visionary, inspirational speaker and mother of three. Her passion for inspiring, motivating and showing compassion for others is the driving force behind her positive lifestyle. Growing up in an abusive environment on the southside of Chicago, she developed tough skin and a vivid imagination for better days and change. Writing and reading has always been her personal escape from the harsh realities of her world. She has not allowed her rough start to life to be an obstacle in achieving her goals.

Listiner’s  life journey has yet another stop called breast cancer, recently diagnosed in January 202o.  She will not allow it though to stop her from being who God has Purposed her to be…a “Living Testimony”. She plans to reshape how we see cancer and bring a new definition to being a survivor, from F*&% cancer to “FACE Cancer” She’s determined to bring joy and positivity into everything she does.

Her biggest motivation now is not allowing her “past pains to be in vain”. She was a member of NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) where she advocated for mental illness awareness. She is the Creative Director for Dangriga Christian Center (a non-for-profit ministry) which feeds the homeless, does volunteer work with various facilities in the Chicagoland area and helps children in Belize attend school. She is also the creator of Healing Is A JourneyTM a quarterly series of conferences that encourages others to start their healing from the traumatic events of their life.

Listiner was awarded the 40 under 40 young women’s professional league award in 2016. She has also been featured on several podcasts and radio shows on Iheart and Intellectual radio such as The Kendall Moore Show on WVON, The Millen Twins Show, God Put Me Up On Game Podcast, MonaVations Podcast, Caught In ANet Show, Lady Reshell’s Warriors Talk. and The AC Green Show. And last but not least she is an award-winning author, winning the category of the best poetry book and MVP author by APS International in 2018. Since then, she has released 4 more books in 2019 that  can be found on Amazon.

“I create inspirational content that helps God’s people to be HEALED, DELIVERED and SET FREE !
Listiner Martinez

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Website: http://Www. listinerinpires..com


LinkedIn: Listiner Marti

To purchase books visit: http://amazon.com/author/listinerinspires-rebel

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