Styling with The Heath Dolls “Weekend Essensials”

Styling with The Heath Dolls “Weekend Essensials”
Hey moms and dads! Since you’ll be spending the next month or so indoors its the perfect time to plan ahead for those postponed outings. Whether it’s attending a birthday party, sporting event, wedding, or family dinner, The Heath Dolls has some stylish suggestions on what your kids can wear and where you can shop the look!
MiMi’s Tot Closet
This fitted pink sweater with balloon lace sleeves paired with leather oversized joggers turned a lot of heads when worn by The Heath Dolls at the16th annual kids expo. These pieces are very trendy and can easily be repurposed to create different looks. You can pair the sweater with a pleated skirt for school pictures or pair the pants with a sweatshirt for a sporting event! These are the perfect pieces to add some of the latest trends to your closet! Visit the link below for more trendy clothing for kids!
Custom creations by revamped by Mz 72ff82b6c3-03ad-4bc4-b73b-6830c825db1e
This Nike oversized sweatshirt with customized sleeves was worn by The Heath Dolls to All star Rookie USA Fashion show by Haddad brands. Custom pieces like these allow you to be creative and have so much fun with different  textures, colors and patterns. Visit the link below for your custom creations by Lisa Murray!
Fancy Like Mommy
One of top trends on the runway are mix matching prints and patterns. These tiny trend setters are wearing coordinating looks boasting snake skin print and stripes!  Prints that compliment each other can be worn together or separately. Allow your child to have some fun by mixing some of their favorite prints in their closet for your next weekend outing! Email for a personal styling or shopping inquiry today!
Fancy Like Mommy
Finding formal wear for kids can sometimes be difficult. Fancy Like Mommy personal styling and shopping can take the stress away by helping you find the perfect look for any occasion. These coordinating looks boast beautiful feathers and sparkle which are trends that never seem to go out of style. Email for a personal styling or shopping inquiry today!

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